One of the biggest issues stressing Entrepreneurs is money.  Starting a business is no joke!  You make money doing what you love but it still doesn't cover your personal utilities, car payments and your business bills.  It's time to help each other succeed.

This is where we come in - how it works:

As the Entrepreneur in need:

  • WebServices 4 ALL will keep all info confidential

  • WebServices 4 ALL will discuss and vett the Entrepreneur in Need

  • A picture of a bill, price tag etc. will be provided for posting (personal info will be removed) along with the amount needed.

  • Must have a paypal account

  • Once you receive the money asked for you will provide a picture of the receipt/confirmation for postng to verify the money went where it was needed (again all personal info will be removed)

For Donations - feel free to Pay it Forward.  If you find you have a few bucks yu can donate feel free to - $1, $5 $3.29 etc.

  • You can donate at any time

  • the money will sit in the account until there is an Entrepreneur in need.

  • We will keep the personal info of the donor confidential as well 

webservices 4 all, llc

All donations will be appreciated and Entrepreurs in need will have their request posted here and through social media.

Any questions or for more info please fill out the form below

Make sure to donate through paypal so you receive a reciept.

to make a donation

Pay it Forward - Help out an Entreprenuer